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Whitenoise Matter

In Whitenoise on June 13, 2010 at 8:54 am

Whitenoise Matter
* central nervous system vs. dynamical and general relativistic primitives
* discovered by serendipity and “whitenoise” matter
* avatars as objects – objects as life (Whitenoise Engineer, Hirnhaut Suppenkraut, Schwanzlurch Salamander)

As artist I am always inspired by science and technological developments. In my early days I played in the universe of the BITNET (Because It’s Time Network), then I found the traces of “network protocol” to play with in an artistic way. The multiuser environments and scripted agents in game engines brought me to this metaverse.

Competition SCIEN&ART organized by Second Physics, SL Art and Experience Italy, groups of Second Life. Entered this show in collaboration with Selavy Oh.

The winner for ART for the BIG BANG category is MOSMAX HAX.

“The Medium is the Message” (Marshall McLuhan, 1967)
“The world, as we perceive it, is our own invention. ” (Heinz von Foerster)