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Semiautonomous Puppet Architectonics

In Whitenoise on April 28, 2009 at 8:13 am

whitenoise NPC

Lets look back at how White Noise connects to the art concepts from the past and how it might fit into Second Life. by Bryn Oh

Second order cybernetics and MosMax Hax, via NPIRL by Alpha Auer

1minART – WhiteNoise, video by Chantal Harvey

Opening May 6th 12 pm SLT, exhibit A, simualtion Odyssey (122,45,25)


History since 2007

In Whitenoise on April 28, 2009 at 6:22 am

2012-2013 / White Noise 2.0 exhibited in Vienna, Moscow, Bregenz. 3D-print


2010 / Whitenoise Matter, Competition SCIEN&ART organized by Second Physics, SL Art and Experience Italy, groups of Second Life. Entered this show in collaboration with Selavy Oh.

2009 / Whitenoise Harmonisation: Warning! The Whitnoise Bot is cocooning. He rests inside. Treat him with respect, he want to be alone! Single Bot cocooning at Simulation Fiteiro Cultural. cocooning Semiautonomous Puppet Architectonics at exhibit A on Odyssey: a simulator in Second Life dedicated to art and performance and IDIA (Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts) Artists in Residence Exhibition Whitenoise Morphosis (website and video) at Golden Thread Gallery/ ISEA 2009 Belfast Opera Automatica der Trivialmaschinen, February 2009, on display at uqbar. media art culture e Rinascimento Virtuale Opera Automatica

2008 / Whitenavatar Demo, testing whitenoise avatars, November 2008 Whitenavatar Whitenoise Cyberspace, contructions in different virtual worlds like and, July 2008 Whitenoise Lively Litttle Whitenoise 3D-Print, GAMES. Art & Politics of Games, Vienna, Kunsthalle Wien (project space karlsplatz), July 2008 2007 WhiteNoise setup at International Telematic University UNINETTUNO 1st Annual Architecture & Design Competition in Second Life: Whitenoise ars electronica 2007 Litttle Whitenoise, compressed to 10×10 meter, inworld, September 2007 Whitenoise (aka Whitenoise I) , August 2007 Whitenoise I Draft setup on simulation Klein, Juli 2007 WN setup