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Whitenoise I, August 2007

WhiteNoise quotes:
Conceptually and technically innovative is “White Noise”, a work from Vienna based Mosmax Hax. This experiment in non-human architecture utilises the detritus of Second Life, freebie objects such as teddy bears and discarded skateboards, to construct a dazzling white snow-palace. This mishmashed building enfolds on multiple levels of detail and evokes the perfect domicile for the realm of Second Life.

Torley Linden made a comment on it:
OMG, that CRAX ME UP so much! What a mash-up of freebies in “Whitenoise”. I recognize some of the objects within myself. I like how they’ve all been… whitened to appear more homogeneous in one cacophonous mix of “FREEEE!!!!”

1st Annual Architecture & Design Competition in Second Life: Whitenoise
ars electronica 2007, Max Moswitzer (AT)

”A experiment for non-human architecture in second life. This construct uses Freebee objects which are all set to white. The interesting views are when these objects affiliate with others. With a tool we use this build has just around 25 prims, normaly it would have 1000 prims. It is a ongoing project and will go into more “high res” detail, we call it “WHITE-NOISE”. White Noise, a reference to random pattern and “Bildrauschen”, which we as builders see working on it for houres and you think you get snowblind.” (M.M.)

WhiteNoise setup at International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

“Un’esperimento per architetture inumane, in Second Life”

Questa costruzione è stata costruita usando oggetti “Freebee” e settati and un colore bianco. I più interessanti punti di vista sono quando questi oggetti si intersecano con altri. Con uno strumento speciale, siamo riusciti a costruire questa struttura con soli 25 prims (forme primarie o elementari). Normalmente per costruire qualcosa del genere, sarebbero necessari 1000 di questi prims! È un progetto in crescita orientato ad ottenere un livello di dettaglio ad alta risoluzione: noi lo chiamiamo ? “WHITE-NOISE” (rumore bianco). WHITE-NOISE, è un riferimento ad un modello casuale collegato a “disturbi casuali” di un’immagine.


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